IT as a Service (ITaaS) is the IT of the Future.

IT service providers are rapidly evolving from simply keeping the lights on, to delivering IT-as-a-Service. This approach that can yield greater agility, flexibility and user productivity. To realise the full benefits of this model, you need an architecture and a team that works for your organization, with the scalability to adapt as your needs change.

Why move to a Managed Services (ITaaS) model?

Our managed services plans are focused on pro-active maintenance rather than the traditional break-fix model of waiting until something goes wrong. Not only is downtime and loss avoided, but a higher level of productivity is achieved for your business.

Zazu provides a range of managed IT solutions for your business. Whether you are just starting up or whether you are a large corporate that requires a complex managed services model for your enterprise environment, we can help.

Our standard maintenance packages are designed to meet the scheduled and unscheduled daily support requirements in a SME business. If you are an IT manager looking for assistance with a project, or require our Wingman support, our solutions can be tailored to your particular business needs.

Zazu gives you the feeling of having an expert in-house IT department for a fraction of the cost.

What if I have an immediate need?

If you are browsing this page because you have a problem that needs immediate attention you are in the right place. We are ready to help, so let's get started. - The easiest way is to get a discounted block of 5 hours which you can use for onsite and remote work.

To assist with your emergency and to allow us to show you that we are the right IT partner for your business, we offer the initial 5-block-hours for every first-time new business customer at the discounted rate of: R1,750.00

Once we have addressed your immediate problem, we can discuss your list of IT problems, and we'll apply strategic thinking to solve them in the best way possible. From there, we'll advise the best combination of services to solve your needs going forward. We're flexible because we know your needs are different from others.

If you need us, get the initial block-hours and we will help you. Once we have shown you that we are the right IT partner for your business, we can discuss your future on-going needs. Want us to call you back?

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Monitoring and Remote support

The Zazu helpdesk is the core of our managed services. Our helpdesk attends to support calls that come in by phone and email. They also monitor systems, backups and escalate faults to on-site engineers as required.

Our Core plan is the foundation for a stable IT infrastructure. If your budget does not allow for a comprehensive managed support design today, just get what's important to start with. With Remote Support, you get all the assistance you would expect from our onsite Managed IT Support - except now you'll get it much faster. We know that most support calls can be handled faster remotely than waiting for an on-site technician, so we give your staff direct access to our live service desk for remote support by phone and over the internet. With our 24/7 Monitoring included in the Core plan, we will know about network outages, hardware faults and software alerts before you do, and we will notify you of a situation before it becomes a problem. Zazu employs the world's best remote monitoring tools to manage infrastructure, network components, servers, and users' desktop PCs - remotely, comprehensively and transparently.

Network Security Solutions

At Zazu we know that a secure information technology infrastructure is the key to your organisation's continued survival and growth. Viruses, worms, and hackers are all real and costly threats to your company's network.

Today, it is no longer good enough to simply employ world-class products if they are being applied ineffectively. Through experience we carefully select and apply the correct product for each customer's unique security needs to ensure a high level of protection against deliberate and automated attacks.

A combination of industry-leading products, sound business practices, and simple, cost-effective network management solutions allows us to leverage the most from your network in terms of security.

Safeguard your business with web content filtering, monitoring solutions, data and endpoint security (antivirus & anti-spam), as well as perimeter security solutions. Read more on Network Security

Large-Scale Projects

Whether you're just looking to upgrade small aspects of your network, or plan a complete overhaul, allow us to manage your project. We have the expertise to help.

Contact us directly to discuss your options, and we'll build a project package customised just for you. To find out more about our services, and which ones are right for you, let us call you back now

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